Imagine Your Dream Home

If you could live anywhere, where do you imagine yourself living?

Maybe it is in the mountains, near the ocean, in your favorite city, on a remote island far away from civilization, or perhaps you are already living there? It may be there are always factors that can play a role in our achievement of contentment and the paths that we choose. To some, ‘home’ may not even be a destination but rather a state of being and a way of living in unison with all our relations.

This feeling of being at home is not something that can be bought nor sold (and we are in the home selling and buying business) but is rather a byproduct of our habitat and social environments. Since AMSI’s inception, we have always been there to assist people on their paths and we take great pride in helping our fellow humans plant their roots in beautiful places to feel at home. Whether it be a house, condo, apartment, or even workspace, we are here for you and are eager to lend a hand and share our expertise.

For millennia humans have roamed the earth and been nomadic people for far longer than they may have been sedentary. Since the agricultural era, it may appear that humans have become, as a whole, much more localized and stayed in our specific regions, still with many exceptions of course. However, just like the ocean tides, people’s migration habits ebb and flow with the pull of the eras and there are numerous elements for people’s lifestyle changes and gravitational pulls to live in new areas. There is no doubt that we are living in the most diverse and integrated time in human history and it is only getting more and more so with the passing of each day. With the rise of the internet, we can connect like never before and are achieving great feats all from the comfort of our living rooms, while miles away from each other.

In general, it seems more and more people are capitalizing on the freedom of remote work and the use of technology to ring back this nomadic lifestyle into their lives. Flowing and living in the natural environment is a beautiful way to be from my perspective, and we are glad to be a part of the process of helping people find their place to call home.

Whether it be for a month, a year, or even for the rest of their lives, AMSI takes great pride in helping the modern-day warriors in their spiritual quests and playing a part in them living their best lives.

Let us show you the way home.