The Flexible Workspace

Thoughts on Remote, Hybrid, and In-Office

The dance between remote, in-office/onsite, and the hybrid workspace is a big topic of discussion in modern-day corporate culture, and it is quite interesting to see the many different positions that companies are taking on these policies.

While this is a revolving concept that each company will embrace on its own, at the most recent BAMM (Bay Area Mobility Management) conference we had an interesting debate outlining the different stances and showcasing the positives of each angle. One factor that seemed to be a common theme for each policy to consider was aiming for creating a more positive and flexible work environment to support each individual as well as highlighting the company culture as a whole.

At AMSI we are fortunate to embrace the remote, hybrid, and in-office business models and are proud to offer the flexibility that people need to thrive. Some people excel in the nomadic lifestyle, working anywhere on the globe, while others prefer to come into the office every day and take solace in the office workspace that may feel just like another home.

While it is just not feasible for all companies or positions to embrace the hybrid or remote model it is just as important for companies to see that the key factor in creating a positive work environment is embracing the flexible workspace. This could be anywhere from a factory worker changing shifts with ease and taking time off without worrying that they will risk their job or someone working on the beach in their flip-flops.

Our work environments are reflections of our daily lives and while most of us spend at least five days a week at work, a positive work culture is a fundamental factor for our mental health and overall well-being. The common norms and expectations of our modern-day business world, especially in the US, can be extremely drastic compared to other economies and while it is something that is accepted as the norm there may be perhaps better ways of organizing our schedules to maximize output and create new norms. In the real estate industry, it is a common joke that we are required to be on call 24/7 to provide the best service and it makes all the difference when we believe in what we are doing and can see the direct impact of our positive influence on our environment.

The bottom line is that people make up the business world and while people are emotional creatures, emotions and business were not embraced as notable cohorts in the more recent past. This seems to be rapidly changing, however, as companies and the modern workforce are embracing more inclusive business practices that celebrate the different spectrums and ranges of the human persona like never before.

We are glad to be a part of this shift of perspective and practice and are delighted to be of service for any of your housing needs.