Welcome to SoMa

A dynamic, urban neighborhood with a lively nightlife scene

South of Market, or SoMa, is a vast, vibrant neighborhood in the heart of San Francisco real estate that uniquely combines the historical with the cutting-edge. Known for its expansive warehouses, this district has transformed into a bustling hub of activity, housing an eclectic mix of tech startups, art spaces, and loft apartments.

The area’s industrial past peeks through its modernized landscape, offering a gritty charm that contrasts sharply with the sleek, contemporary architecture of recent developments. SOMA's proximity to downtown and the Financial District adds to its allure, making it a top choice for professionals and creatives alike.

From bustling coffee shops that double as workspaces for the city's tech-savvy crowd to high-end nightclubs and creative institutions, SoMa offers an energetic and urban lifestyle. The streets are lined with a mix of old brick buildings and shimmering glass facades, embodying San Francisco’s architectural evolution. Here, the arts thrive, technology advances, and history remains preserved, all within blocks of each other.

What to Love

  • Dynamic Atmosphere: SoMa has an energetic, creative vibe thanks to its mix of historic sites, modern art galleries, and tech spaces.
  • Culinary and Brewing Scene: The area boasts an impressive array of dining options, from trendy eateries to artisan coffee shops.
  • Artistic Hotspot: Home to major museums like SFMOMA and countless galleries, SoMa is a haven for art lovers.
  • Accessibility: With its central location, residents and visitors enjoy easy access to public transportation and major freeways.
  • Nightlife: From upscale bars to lively nightspots on Folsom Street, the area offers vibrant nightlife options.

Local Lifestyle

Living in SoMa places you at the epicenter of San Francisco’s most innovative sectors, surrounded by art, technology, and history. The neighborhood’s urban fabric is rich with a variety of experiences, catering to those who thrive on innovation and fast-paced living. On any given day, locals can be found sipping espresso at a local café, attending an exhibition opening, or networking at one of the many tech events. SoMa’s residents appreciate the convenience of city living, with everything from grocery stores to high-end restaurants within walking distance.

Dining and Shopping

SoMa’s culinary scene reflects its dynamic character with venues like Marlowe, an intimate bistro offering sophisticated American cuisine. 25 Lusk combines fine dining with striking modern decor, providing a perfect setting for both business meetings and romantic evenings. Meanwhile, Sightglass Coffee is a central social spot for coffee enthusiasts and remote workers alike, known for its meticulously crafted brews and industrial-chic space.

Shopping ranges from bespoke boutiques to high-end furniture showrooms. The neighborhood's former warehouses now host unique shops that cater to the fashionable and the artistic. Whether you're looking for the latest tech gadgets, designer clothes, or custom art pieces, these retail spaces offer an array of products that reflect the neighborhood's eclectic taste and innovative spirit.

Entertainment and Things to Do

SoMa is packed with activities that cater to a variety of interests. Art enthusiasts will revel in the world-renowned SFMOMA, which showcases an expansive collection of contemporary and modern art. 
Yerba Buena Gardens offers a peaceful escape with beautifully landscaped lawns, art installations, and events throughout the year. For those who enjoy a more lively scene, Folsom Street is the perfect place for nightlife, hosting numerous bars and clubs that come alive after dark.

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